EMS(Express Mail Service) shipping price list

Weight Area1 Area2 Area3
Asia Oceania
North America
Central America
Middle East
Europe South America
up to 2.5kg 3,500Yen 4,700Yen 5,400Yen 8,500Yen
up to 3.0kg 4,000Yen 5,400Yen 6,200Yen 10,000Yen
up to 3.5kg 4,500Yen 6,100Yen 7,000Yen 11,500Yen
up to 4.0kg 5,000Yen 6,800Yen 7,800Yen 13,000Yen
up to 4.5kg 5,500Yen 7,500Yen 8,600Yen 14,500Yen
up to 5.0kg 6,000Yen 8,200Yen 9,400Yen 16,000Yen
up to 5.5kg 6,500Yen 8,900Yen 10,200Yen 17,500Yen
up to 6.0kg 7,000Yen 9,600Yen 11,000Yen 19,000Yen
up to 7.0kg 7,800Yen 10,700Yen 12,300Yen 21,100Yen
up to 8.0kg 8,600Yen 11,800Yen 13,600Yen 23,200Yen
up to 9.0kg 9,400Yen 12,900Yen 14,900Yen 25,300Yen
up to 10.0kg 10,200Yen 14,000Yen 16,200Yen 27,400Yen

About international orders and deliveries

●How to order
1. Select an item and add to cart
Press “add to cart” once you select an item.
2. Proceed to checkout
Please confirm item(s) and the amount in a shopping cart and press the button, ’Proceed to checkout’.
3. Enter billing/shipping information
Please enter required information including name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. that are necessary for shopping.

The information you enter is secured with SSL of Symantec (Former: Verisign) and will not be read by others.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client and is typically used for online shopping or questionnaire to prevent interception.
4. Select a payment method
Please select a preferred payment method and press the button, ‘Next’.
5. Confirm your order
Please confirm your order. If it is correct, please press the button, ‘Place the order’.

Order confirmation mail will be delivered automatically.
Please reconfirm the order information including item(s), price(s), quantity(s) and the payment method.

Then, you will receive the order receipt mail within 2 business days.
This will be also the availability notification of item(s) ordered.
In case, they are out of stock, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.
6. Delivery procedures
After we receive your reply confirming the total amount, we will dispatch your order within 3 business days.
Please note that the delivery can be late due to customs clearance.
You will receive a shipping confirmation once it becomes ready.
●About the delivery method
For international orders, they are delivered by EMS(Express Mail Service).
●About shipping charges
A separate e-mail will be send to you about a shipping charge after we confirm your order and weight of the shipment.
After we send you the estimate and have your agreement, we will dispatch the shipment.
Shipping charges will be calculated by weight. The chart linked below will be applied.

 EMS(Express Mail Service) shipping price list is here.

It may be subject to customs duties or tax. In that case, the customers need to cover these fees.
Please make the payment directly to a delivery company or the customs.
The standards are different from each country, please kindly contact with customs in your country for further detail.
●About the payment
For international orders, we only accept following credit card payments.
[Credit cards] VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners
[Credi card transaction fees] Free

-A receipt for the credit card transaction will not be issued by this system.
Please refer the credit card statement sent by your credit card company.
-You are not able to use a credit card of a different card holder.

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